Friday, September 12, 2014

Plaza Darsena, Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

It was a busy and exciting Wednesday morning at Plaza Darsena.
Gorgeous breezy sunny morning and the tourist begins to congregate at the Plaza.

Three Cruise Liners in Port arriving and leaving at about the same time ... 7am to about 4pm more or less which gives the tourist time to go on tours as well as do some happy shopping  for some handmade crafts. Some seek the shade while others just lounge around eating local fritters made of cod fish and other goodies. 

All the Artisans at the Plaza as well as myself are Certified Artisans.  Most Artisans also work on their craft right there to the delight of the tourist.  The Department of Tourism of Puerto Rico sponsor us.  We have three days mandatory a week and as many other days we want to assist.  

It's a pleasure for me to be there as I get to meet visitors from all over the world, some that I can communicate with and some that I rely on sorts of created sign language improvised at the moment.  In the end it becomes a wonderful interaction either way.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Beautiful Luquillo Beach in Puerto Rico

The day was as you can see ... picture perfect ... with the amazing colors of the sky  

all the soothing colors of the ocean ...

and here is a panoramic view ... from east to west 

Here you see the gorgeous palm trees swaying in the sweet breeze that kept calling to stay.
I did walk the whole beach.   It was so peaceful. 

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