About Me

One day as I was on my way to my part-time after school job in New York City where I grew up, I was pretty young ... about 17 years old, I happen to see gorgeous hand painted tuxedo shirts in a window of a shop. As I got closer to the window display, I was able to see Artists inside the shop painting beautiful flowers and faces on the shirts ... right there.I was mesmerized and forever in love.  It so impressed me that to this day it stands as one of my most precious memories as it kind of steered me to where I am today. Around that time I took a basic course in "Batik" and since then I have been in love with painting fabric.

I do paint on Burlap fabric with acrylic paints but my true love is painting Silk. Batik, Tie-dye and Silk Painting are some of my favorite techniques that I most explore. I consider myself a Silk Artist/Fiber Artist.

I am also a Certified Artisan with the Company of Tourism, Department of Culture, and the Department of Formento of Puerto Rico. I am fortunate to be part of the "Artisans Market" for over 10 years, located next to Pier 1, at la Placita de la Darsena, in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico.  It is a most beautiful Port in the Bay of  San Juan. I display and sell my work there several times a week to the many Tourist that come to visit from all parts of the world. I share with you my ... Art ... and my ... Enchanted Island ... as it is so lovingly called.  Enjoy your stay.

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