Waiting on Alzheimers with Loveđź’–

It has been some time that I have not posted. I was taking care for my lovely mother who had Alzheimer's. I had thing pretty much under control on about the last entry. It had been more or less six years since the onset of the condition. Then things took a turn for the worst where I could no longer leave her alone. The care was overwhelming though the caretaker is usually​ the last to take note and continues with life as if all is normal not realizing that it is taking its toll. One kind of exists on autopilot as happened to me. Creativity was suppress. As much as I wanted​ it to be creative time would not permit. I came to accept the situation and just waited it out ... another two and a half year or so. Fast forward my Hero, friend, confidant did transition to the spirit world on Valentine's Day of this year. It was a beautiful the day she left and am very happy it was that particular day. Always and forever she will be loved and remembered.

I am at peace and very eager to commence where I left off. I do thank all that have visited the blog and hope to keep up with it and also my Etsy Shop, SilkMari, that I had worked so hard to promote and where all my creativity is explored. I look forward to sharing it as well as any photos of Plaza Darsenas in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico where I do still participate in the Artisans' Market. Have been a Certified Artisan with the Department of Tourism for over twenty years now. As a Textile Artist I have been able to grow in Silk Painting and Batik and hope to continue discovering new and creative ways expression.

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