Green and Red Violet Tie Dye

This tie dye silk scarf is in a beautiful chartreuse green which is a yellow green and I coupled with it's complementary color of burgundy, a red violet. 

This color combo is very attractive especially for this time of the year when these two colors take center stage.  

The chartreuse color is vibrant green perfect for the coming season.  The burgundy, a red violet, sets the stage. A deep green with a ting of blue borders the edge.  Wear with your earth tone colors as well as all your greens.

Size: 11 x 60 inches * 27.94 x 152.4 cm

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Each scarf is signed on the lower left-hand corner and Puerto Rico on the right side.
All the scarves are 100% Silk. All are hand washable.
Each scarf is individually hand dyed and/or hand painted making it ... one of a kind ... due to the process used.

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