Fall Teal Hand Dyed Silk Scarf

I have created this Teal silk scarf inspired by the Fall Pantone Collection. 

This color is a blue green added a touch of seafoam and for some intensity added a ting of red.

This is a monochromatic color combination as all the colors are in the same family of blue-greens.

Pair with red orange for an exciting complementary color combination.

Size: 8 x 54 inches * 20.32 x 137.16cm

100% Silk Habotai

For more Blue/Blue Green Scarves:

Each scarf is signed on the lower left-hand corner and Puerto Rico on the right side.
Each scarf is individually hand dyed and/or hand painted making it ... one of a kind ... due to the process used.
All the scarves are 100% Silk. All are hand washable.

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