Hot Pink and Greens

I love these PINKS!

I love this Orchid Pink and it is hot with bit of red violet and I added the greens from bright green to a darker deep green when mixed with the red violet create a wonderful neutral for a harmonious transition to background.  These are the most exciting colors ... the ones that are created with the overlapping of the complementary  color.

Hand dyed in sexy hot pink with fuchsia a ting of red violet and it's complement greens in all it's shades makes this a colorful and striking silk scarf. 

It makes a wonderful addition to a solid pink or green top. Black is also a good choice.  Especially lovely if you wear lipstick in shades of blue pinks.

Size: 8 x 54 inches * 20.32 x 137.16cm

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This scarf is signed on the lower left-hand corner and on the right Puerto Rico.
Each scarf is individually hand dyed and/or hand painted making it ... one of a kind ... due to the process used.  All will be different
All the scarves are 100% Silk. All are hand washable.
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