Lady Caguana Hand Painted Silk Scarf

This hand painted silk scarf with the "Lady Caguana" Petroglyph is made to order. 

This particular Petroglyph is one of the most famous in Puerto Rico. Mujer de Caguana or Caguana Woman-figure is of high social ranking given that she is wearing an elaborated crown and large earrings. She is of advanced age as her eyes are closed and she has a bony thorax. Her lower body is as of frog legs symbolizing vitality and a fertility figure. Power is symbolized in her squatting position with that of demand for respect. She may be an ancestor figure from a noble or powerful family ... or simply a woman. 

 The other Petroglyph is the "Coqui Taino". This one is also very popular because it represent our tiny tree frog that is flesh tone and has a big ... COqui sound. This lovely sound is heard when daylight falls and at early dawn. You will now the morning light is approaching when the sound of the Coqui starts fading. They love the rain and so after a quick rain shower they will sing again. 

These Petroglyphs are carvings on stone found in Puerto Rico and are prehistoric symbols created by the peaceful Taino Indians that inhabited the Island which have indured the test of time. You will find these designs scattered around the Island some in hidden places others in very open and accessable places. It always facinates me that they have been preserved and that someone like myself, an artist, was able to have their work of Art and Culture be seen today. 

 I have made this a ... Made to Order ... hand painted scarf as I will use the Petroglyphs which I do not change and keep as close to the original as possible. The Petroglyphs are hand painted, outlined in gold as well as the border leaves and stems. 

 Size: 11x60in * 27.94 x 152.4 cm in Habotai Silk also known as China Silk. 
 It is signed with my name and also Puerto Rico. It is dyed in camel tan with black. 

The scarf will look very much like this one but not exactly the same as the border design is freehand. It will always be one of kind.
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