Pink and Dynamic Red

Pink and Dynamic Red and Black Hand Dyed Silk Scarf

Love and beauty,  life and vitality are the meaning of these colors.  Black frames these warm tones and created impact.

Both Pink and Red are stimulating and warm. Pink provides the feeling of love and caring and Red passion. I added the black for the bold and mysterious aspect it brings to love and passion.

This hand dyed scarf is 100% Chiffon Silk.  It is sheer and has a wonderful drape with a year round appeal. 
I enjoyed using these colors together as they created that dynamic and dramatic look. Great with your ... little black (or pink/red) dress ... and certainly if you just want a splash of color to brighten you face. Wear as a head wrap or around you waist. 

Size: 14 x 72 inches * 35.56 x 182.88 cm

For more Multicolor Scarves:

Each scarf is signed on the lower left-hand corner and Puerto Rico on the right side.

Each scarf is individually hand dyed and/or hand painted making it ... one of a kind ... due to the process used.

All of the silk scarves are hand washable.

Batik Roses on Blue

Loved creating this hand drawn batik silk scarf.  

The whites are nice and bright.

Also like how the backgound colors are so clear.

The primary leaves in chartreuse created a wonderful contrast with the Roses.

The seconary leaves or filler leaves in turquoise also create an exciting backgound to the yellow green leaves.  I drew this design free hand making it a ... one of a kind.

Did not have a chance to put it in my Etsy Shop because as soon as I showed it to a friend ... she bought it right there and then.  Loved that the most.

Will be creating more of these hand drawn Batiks ... stay tunned.

Morning at the Beach

Went to the beach this morning. Was surprised that there were just a few enjoying the sun and the water ... I think it was too early for some. I like it at that time before the sun does any harm ... Gorgeous day here in Puerto Rico.

New Batik Scarves

Some of my new Batik silk scarves making their debut at the Artisan Plaza in Old San Juan.  Love the crispy whites.  Woring with wax must be a quick process with flow and but delicate moves.