Caribbean Blues Hand Dyed Silk Scarf

This Chiffon Caribbean Blues Silk Scarf is hand dyed in fabulous shades of Blues found in our Caribbean waters ... baby blue, turquoise, electric blue, navy and blue violet.  Aside from being a favorite of both men and women, it is a color that is seen as dependable, committed and trustworthy. The color of the sky and the ocean, Blue can cause the body to produce chemicals that are calming and cooling. 

Wear Blue with beige and browns. Blues with yellow create high impact or with orange definite attention.

It is signed on the left and on the right Puerto Rico.

Size: 14 x 72 inches * 35.56 x 182.88 cm 

For more Blue Scarves:

Each scarf is individually hand dyed making it one of a kind due to the technique used.

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