Wednesday Blue

Blue is the color for Wednesday. Light soft blue, a little bit of turquoise, electric blue and navy are the mix of blues found in this chiffon hand dyed silk scarf. Blue is the color of the sky and sea ... gorgeous twilight. It symbolizes intelligence, wisdom, loyalty and confidence. It also produces a calming and tranquil effect. 
Using blue to relax will encourage feelings of communication and peace. Wear with all Blues and striking with Navy Blue. Pair with Rose Coral or Black for impact. Wear with white for a crisp nautical look. 

 It is signed on the left and on the right Puerto Rico. 

 Size: 14 x 72 inches * 35.56 x 182.88 cm 

 For more Blue Scarves:

 Each scarf is individually hand dyed making it one of a kind due to the technique used.
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