Tangerine Salmon Hand Dyed Silk Scarf


This Tangerine Salmon Silk Scarf is dyed in orange, tangerine with a bit of deep red. I also used black for contrast.   The black created soft blues and greens.

It is habotai silk or mostly known as china silk which is smooth with a soft sheen.

This is one of the "in" colors according to the Pantone fashion colors 2011. I like to always play with the forcast colors.   These are warm feminine colors that can be worn with all your Autumn color wardrobe. This is a great color for the season as it echos the colors of the changing leaves. It is a great size with many options as it is pretty long and can be double tied around the neck.

Each scarf is signed on the lower left-hand corner and Puerto Rico on the right..

Size: 14 x 72 inches * 35.56 x 182.88 cm

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Each scarf is individually hand dyed making it one of a kind due to the process used.
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