Maria and Puerto Rico ... Rendezvous with Nature

... remember to pan out on this map ...

This will be ... Maria ...(as this is a Satellite view)  this afternoon near  Puerto Rico.  She is looking mighty powerful out there to the East of   us.  The night had an uneasy quietness to it ... our most beloved ... Coquis ... were out there with the rest of the night crickets having their nightly gathering.   There were only a few interruptions of possible strayed rain-bands that were short with a bit of strong breeze but nothing to wake up about.  This morning just a couple of rain showers with blue skies still somewhat visible.  We are lucky to have been spared all that possible rain had it taken it's original projected path.  Still ... will be keeping  on the alert this afternoon and not take ... Maria ... for granted ... as I think she will make some sort of  impression on us before she is completely out of sight.
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