Lady from Caguana

This Taino petroglyph, a carving on stone is called ... Mujer de Caguana or Caguana Woman-figure and is very special to our Culture. She is of high social ranking given that she is wearing an elaborated crown and large earrings. She is of advanced age as her eyes are closed and she has a bony thorax. Her lower body is as of frog legs symbolizing vitality and a fertility figure. Power is symbolized in her squatting position with that of demand for respect. She may be an ancestor figure from a noble or powerful family ... or simply a woman. The other end of the scarf has a ... Coqui Taino ... petroglyph symbolic of a very small tiny frog with a big ... COqui ... sound. Most of the colors are created right on the scarf as I used only the three primary colors. The petroglyphs and leaves are emblished in gold.
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