New ... Moss Pink Hand Dyed Silk Scarf

This Moss Pink hand dyed scarf is dyed in wonderful romantic shades of Pink.  The center is in soft delicate pastel shades with a bit of its complimentry color Chartreuse Green. The chiffon silk has a deep rose border with the green appearing to resemble leaves. The gorgeous neutral color around the leaves is a combination of the pinks and greens. Wear with mossy tones of green and also pinks and plums.

Apricot Roses Hand Painted Silk Scarf ... Featured in Etsy Lush

The peachy pink color of this hand painted silk scarf is a combination of fuchsia and yellow. I painted romantic freehand roses on the four corners of this chiffon scarf. Delicate green leaves are painted along the edge.  The combination of blue with yellow to the leaves created a crisp bright green that compliments the soft apricot color. 

Multi Color Blossoms Hand Dyed Silk Scarf

This multicolor scarf is hand dyed with exciting bright yellow center surrounded by stimulating red creating a beautiful blossoms and blue-green as a background.

As I hand dyed this silk scarf I was thinking about blossoms and when I was rinsing it out there they were ... a crisp and clean design and clear outline ... mission accomplished.

End of Summer Tropical Vacation ...

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