The Artisans Plaza in Old San Juan

I suppose you must wonder ... where is she?  As an active Artisan here in Puerto Rico I am committed to selling my Scarves and also Painted Burlap at the Artisans Plaza located off Pier 1 in Old San Juan three to four times a week.  It is a truly exciting and mesmerizing setting.  The view straight in front of me is picture perfect.

The gorgeous azure sky with the fluffy clouds and the distant mountain will certainly remind you of all the things we need to be thankful for. The beauty of it all will always be fresh and new.  

It has a wonderful Stage/ gazebo where music and special events take place ...

The Plaza has a huge fountain which attracts young and old and everyone in between.

Just as many Cruise Liners arrive in the morning as in the afternoon and are all a beautiful sight to see.

Sometimes we have as many as 5 Cruise Liners docked at our Piers which make for a very fruitful day in sales and just meeting travelers from all over the world.

Will show you more of the Artisans Plaza in the following days ... have a super one today.

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