Flutter by ...

How very gorgeous is this Treasury.  Here in Puerto Rico we see Butterflies all the time and each time is like the first time seeing the ... Beauty ... and the ... Flutter ... your eyes dance along with them wanting to hold on until they are gone.

Thank you WhispySnowAngel for including my ... Golden Butterflies on Plum Blue Hand Painted Silk Scarf ... in you exquisite Collection.

In Love

This is my latest Treasury inspired by the Valentine's Day but which is something that is happening every minute of every day.  When you least expect it, when you are not looking for it,  when you are looking the other way ... surprise ... you are suddenly ...  in love.

Enjoy and be ready as it will alway catch you by surprise.

Golden Butterflies on Plum Blue

After all the Holidays that we have had here in Puerto Rico I was finally able to hand paint this Butterfly Scarf.
It is in Chiffon Silk 11x60" with a soft background of  sky blue and plum. 

Some warmth, some light, some fire

Featured in this very romantic Treasury full of gorgeous sizzling items.  Thanks to Maria of  Singing Scarves

for including my ... Butterscotch Chocolate Hand Dyed Silk Scarf ... in this ...Hot ... Collection.

Discovering the TAFA Team

There are so many wonderful and talented Artist in TAFA  ... The Textile and Fiber Arts List. It is a membership of textile and fiber art Artist, businesses, galleries and projects on the web.  Visit this fabulous site ... http://www.tafateam.blogspot.com/

I thank Dreamkaravan for featuring my ... Vanilla Khaki Stripe Hand Dyed Silk Scarf ... in this exquisite Collection.

Ornate and Opulent

I like to post the Treasuries that I have been included in because I am super proud that I have been featured in them and also because you get to see the work of other very special Artist that although they are not in my same field of Art, they have work that is Outstanding.  

Thank you Sarah for including my ... Creamy Yellow and Jade Hand Dyed Silk Scarf ... in this wonderful Collection.

Boricua on the Moon

Super Gorgeous Treasury of Items from Puerto Rico for under $35.00 and still in time for the ... Dia de los Tres Reyes Magos or Three Kings Days ... January 6, 2011.  Thank Lisandra   for this including my ... Vanilla Khaki Stripe Hand Dyed Silk Scarf ... in this fabulous Collection.