Pink Leaves of Life Hand Painted Silk Scarf

... never ever too late .. the month of October is still here ...  Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  This Scarf has a textued edge symbolic of  ... callenges endured ... and the pink leaves ... regrowth ...

Vanilla Khaki Stripe Hand Dyed Silk Scarf

The colors in this new addition to my shop is dyed in the very Classic warm neutral colors of ... Camel which is a creamy color, Bronze, great with metallics and Khaki with a dash of Black. The stripes add visual interest when folded and tied.  Wear with all your earthy tone colors and with black for a sharp clean look.

Se habla Spanglish!

Gracias, Corina, for including  my ... Dreamy Turquoise Hand Dyed Silk Scarf in this ...vibrant ... Collection of  Spanglish Team Members.

Warm, Charming and Green

Where does the muse live? Or if you are cold, this is the treasury for you!

Thanks to Hagarae  for including my ... Soothing Green and Navy Hand Dyed Silk Scarf ...

... in this Treasury composed of the TAFA Etsy Team members.  TAFA - The Textile and Fiber Art List is a membership organization of textile and fiber art businesses. Visit us at

Fall Flower Harvest Hand Dyed Silk Scarf

With the Fall just around the corner ... air getting nippier ... Silk is perfect to have around your neck.

What goes around ... Comes around

Sunshine Yellow Blue Hand Dyed Silk Scarf is featured in this delightful Treasury that reminds us of yesterday  and appreciate ... today ...  for the wonderful memories ...

Thanks ... bohemiancrochet ... for including my Hand Dyed Silk Scarf in your Collection.