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I am super happy to have my .... Pink Hearts Hand Painted Silk Scarf ...  featured in my first Etsy Treasury ...Pretty in Pink...http://www.etsy.com/treasury_list.php?room_id=113574...come and see the sweet, soft, sexy, the new and the vintage. Enjoy

Pictures of Blizzard '09 in Washington DC, USA

Picture PerfectWintery White            Just him and us...                                     Do you see a ...Snow Angel

Blizzard of '09

It took me one month to thaw out. I was in Washington DC, USA last month....when the famous "Blizzard of '09...gently blanketed the east coast as it moved from the south to the north ... surprising all of us.
Living in Puerto Rico is like living your fantasy vacation. The weather is mostly at a very pleasant temperature of 71 to 81 F. I had not left the "Enchanted Island" of Puerto Rico as it is called in over 10 years and had forgotten what the "cold" felt like.
With the welcoming temperature of 50 degrees on my arrival that first evening I thought...not bad . The following days temperature was in the 20s, very very cold for me and the news of "Snow" started to take center stage...the excitement grew and the feeling of Christmas was in the air. For us, it was a much awaited event. As we waited for the...winter wonderland to manifest...we decorated the Christmas tree and appreciated the wonderful smell of the pines and the beautiful glow of the lights that adorned the windows. The Snow started falling and falling and falling until a day and a half later...and it was awesome.
My sister, who had us as guest, was more than happy with her "dream come true" having my mom and myself there...and the snow. I will post some pictures so that you can appreciate the wonderland for yourself. This was my one of my best Christmas with all the trimmings.