Finally, I'm back

Hopefully I am here to stay that I have gotten myself back on the road. New situations in my life kind of rearranged my priorities, my time and most of all my good intentions of keeping this blog current. Many times I wanted to post but somehow just could not. Now finally it is all behind me and I am ready to share with you my work and any other interesting things that my come up in my life.

I will be taking a most needed vacation soon to the US where I have not gone back to visit since right after 9/11. That year, in December, I had a planned trip to NYC and the night before I was to leave ... the airline that I was to travel with called to cancel the trip because of a snowstorm there....they gave me the option to travel the next day but I just canceled the trip altogether and since then I have not traveled out of the this is a very big deal for me. I look forward to sharing with you my experiences and will be more consistant with my posts.

Happy Holidays and a most Prosporous New Year to all.
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