Luquillo Beach

Here in Luquillo Beach ... breezy ... surfing weather ... only the surfers ... dare.

Old San Juan ... Cruise Liner Pointed in Our Direction

Here in Old San Juan ..Pier 1 ...Breezy ...sunny / cloudy day ... Simply Gorgeuos ...

Caribbean "Grand Central Station"

Almost like ...Grand Central Station ... Loving the transit;-) ... Some coming ...some going ... the Tourist Season has just begun ... 

This is the third Cruise Liner to arrive in Port this early afternoon as two lovers enjoy the wonderful sceanery ... The Tourist Season is ...ON ...

Right now ... Here in Tropical Puerto Rico ... gorgeous ... sunny skies and balmy weather.

The Artisan Group Offical Collection Vol (XXXII)

Happy and Honored to be a Member of  ... The Artisan Group ... and to be part of this Luxurious Collection.

The Artisan Group is an exclusive group of artisans who collectively provides a sampling of our hand-crafted products to celebrities at top award show gift lounges such as The Emmys & The Oscars. These products from our members are some of our favorites.

First Snowfall in OCTOBER in Washingtion DC 2011

 Surprise Surprise Surprise...

Here on a Holiday Vacation at my Sister's in DC.  The day that I arrived, on October 8, 2011, it was a balmy 70 degrees.   Actually it felt cool compared to the 70 of Tropical Puerto Rico were I reside.  I was glad to be here as I wanted to witness the beautiful Fall weather ... with the changing of the leaves and also would give me time to gradually adapt to the new climate.  The first week was quite lovely with beautiful blue skies and fluffy clouds.  I knew that I was lucky to be enjoying this ... Indian Summer.  I also knew that it would eventually come to an end and even in the early part of this week I walked in the misty rain enjoying the ... ethereal ... feeling of the foggy streets in front of me.  Even stopped to take some photos. Mind you, back home I would never walk in any type of ... precipitation (great conductor for havoc on the hair) but  here as a Tourist I found it just ... lovely.  Then last night there it was on the news.  There was to be a ... Historic ... East Coast Snow Storm. It had been 60 years since it had snowed in October.   My Sis blamed the weather men and women who she said and I agreed that sometimes seem to ... exaggerate or inflate a bit, perhaps magnify or simply overstate the weather.  I saw the craziness that went on in the Hurricane Season with reporting right from the shore lines on the verge of getting ... swept away ... by the angry waves ... needless to say this may have been another of those times. I was anxious to see what would happen this morning.  Woke up about 9am ... sky was heavy with clouds and light rain was falling but not as bad as I thought it would be.  Decided to go ahead with my plans ... bundled up and headed out.  So far so good I thought then at about noon it started to happen. Light flurries ... oh so gorgeous ... so mystical.  Went into a Shopping Mall and when I came back out ... it was a whole new world out there.   COLD ... WINDY and the frozen precipitation in the form of white/translucent hexagonal ice crystals that fall in soft, white flakes were BIG. Definitely a Winter Wonderland.  I was a witness to the ... Historic Snowstorm of October 29, 2011 in Washington DC.  Lucky me;-)

Collection of Gift Items from the Caribbean ...

Lovely Items from the Puerto Rico Team Members

Tangerine Salmon Hand Dyed Silk Scarf


This Tangerine Salmon Silk Scarf is dyed in orange, tangerine with a bit of deep red. I also used black for contrast.   The black created soft blues and greens.

It is habotai silk or mostly known as china silk which is smooth with a soft sheen.

This is one of the "in" colors according to the Pantone fashion colors 2011. I like to always play with the forcast colors.   These are warm feminine colors that can be worn with all your Autumn color wardrobe. This is a great color for the season as it echos the colors of the changing leaves. It is a great size with many options as it is pretty long and can be double tied around the neck.

Each scarf is signed on the lower left-hand corner and Puerto Rico on the right..

Size: 14 x 72 inches * 35.56 x 182.88 cm

For more Yellow/Orange Scarves:

Each scarf is individually hand dyed making it one of a kind due to the process used.

Cranberry Orange ...

These colors remind me of Cranberry Sauce, a yummy food and a fabulous color that I will be sharing with my family over the Holidays. These colors are wonderful  Festive colors. This Cranberry Orange Hand Dyed Silk Scarf will take you through the Season with a great Splash of Color ... as a neck scarf or around your waist and most definitely as a headband for a quick ... WOW ... color. Red is paired with a bit of Orange and a bit of black for sharp contrast.  Spaces of white add a feeling of sparkle next to the dark colors.

It is in Chiffon Silk which has a grainy texture and a wonderful drape. 

Size: 11 x 60 inches 27.9 x 152.4 cm 

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 This scarf is sign on the lower left-hand corner and Puerto Rico on the right. Each scarf is individually hand dyed making it one of a kind due to the process used.

Star Spangled Banner ...

... by Sally Manke ... thanks for the inclusion in this wonderful Collection ...

Old San Juan Parrot Man

Took this photo from my car as I was leaving from the Artisans Plaza in Old San Juan yesterday where we had in Port the Carnival Liberty Cruise Liner making a stop.  This may have been one of the last touist on their way back to the ship and as always was distracted by the "Parrot" man.  He puts the exotic Parrots on their shoulders and snaps a photo ... no idea how much he charges but he most always has a customer.

Here you can see him a little closer.

Coffee anyone?

The color Coffee is one of this years ... Hot ...  Fall Colors according to the "Pantone fashion color report 2011". It is  hand dyed in the colors of coffee brown, rust and golden brown. A black star pattern is highlighted with white border creating a lively pattern. 

All the colors are ... Neutrals ... which are always elegant  and a wardrobe staple.   Rust is also a wonderful color with a ting of red.

Wear with any solid color in the Brown family.  Wear with black for a nice "Pop" around your neck or as a head band or simply tied to the strap of your bag.

Size: 11 x 60 inches * 27.94 x 152.4 cm

See more Brown Scarves:

Each scarf is signed on the lower left-hand corner and Puerto  Rico on the right.
Each scarf is individually hand dyed making it one of a kind due to the technique used.

Pink Sol de Jayuya Hand Painted Silk Scarf

This is the ... Sol de Jayuya ... and is quite unique in that it is only found in ... Jayuya.  It is of great archaeological value. 

Our petroglyphs were carved by the Taino Indians who inhabited Puerto Rico in pre-Columbian times (before 1493). Some believe that they are artistic symbols or writings or have a religious meaning.

The other petroglyph is ... el Coqui Taino ... to represent our ... tinny tiny flesh tone frog who makes a big ... COq qui ... sound.

Maria and Puerto Rico ... Rendezvous with Nature

... remember to pan out on this map ...

This will be ... Maria ...(as this is a Satellite view)  this afternoon near  Puerto Rico.  She is looking mighty powerful out there to the East of   us.  The night had an uneasy quietness to it ... our most beloved ... Coquis ... were out there with the rest of the night crickets having their nightly gathering.   There were only a few interruptions of possible strayed rain-bands that were short with a bit of strong breeze but nothing to wake up about.  This morning just a couple of rain showers with blue skies still somewhat visible.  We are lucky to have been spared all that possible rain had it taken it's original projected path.  Still ... will be keeping  on the alert this afternoon and not take ... Maria ... for granted ... as I think she will make some sort of  impression on us before she is completely out of sight.

Lady from Caguana

This Taino petroglyph, a carving on stone is called ... Mujer de Caguana or Caguana Woman-figure and is very special to our Culture. She is of high social ranking given that she is wearing an elaborated crown and large earrings. She is of advanced age as her eyes are closed and she has a bony thorax. Her lower body is as of frog legs symbolizing vitality and a fertility figure. Power is symbolized in her squatting position with that of demand for respect. She may be an ancestor figure from a noble or powerful family ... or simply a woman. The other end of the scarf has a ... Coqui Taino ... petroglyph symbolic of a very small tiny frog with a big ... COqui ... sound. Most of the colors are created right on the scarf as I used only the three primary colors. The petroglyphs and leaves are emblished in gold.

Thrilled to be part of ... The Artisan Group Official Collection ...

New ... Moss Pink Hand Dyed Silk Scarf

This Moss Pink hand dyed scarf is dyed in wonderful romantic shades of Pink.  The center is in soft delicate pastel shades with a bit of its complimentry color Chartreuse Green. The chiffon silk has a deep rose border with the green appearing to resemble leaves. The gorgeous neutral color around the leaves is a combination of the pinks and greens. Wear with mossy tones of green and also pinks and plums.

Apricot Roses Hand Painted Silk Scarf ... Featured in Etsy Lush

The peachy pink color of this hand painted silk scarf is a combination of fuchsia and yellow. I painted romantic freehand roses on the four corners of this chiffon scarf. Delicate green leaves are painted along the edge.  The combination of blue with yellow to the leaves created a crisp bright green that compliments the soft apricot color. 

Multi Color Blossoms Hand Dyed Silk Scarf

This multicolor scarf is hand dyed with exciting bright yellow center surrounded by stimulating red creating a beautiful blossoms and blue-green as a background.

As I hand dyed this silk scarf I was thinking about blossoms and when I was rinsing it out there they were ... a crisp and clean design and clear outline ... mission accomplished.

End of Summer Tropical Vacation ...

Wonderful Items from the Puerto Rico Etsy Team ...

Second Feature in ... Etsy Lush ... The best of Etsy

It is an honor to have my second Feature in ... Etsy Lush ...

This multi-color happy leaves with folded-over edges design has a jovial feeling as leaves turn and curl in this hand painted habotai silk scarf. I loved mixing the colors and discovering new ones ... always wonderous. All the colors are represented. I also added some small leaves with gold embellishment for a bit of a sparkle. Visit my ... Etsy Shop ... for more information.

Right now ...Old San Juan ...

Freatured in Etsy Lush

This habotai silk scarf has the hot colors of coral, orange-red, blue red and a ting of black. It is a sizzling combination of colors that will add impact to your wardrobe. Always a hit when worn with black ... try with a bit of green for contrast.
Visit my  ... Etsy Shop ... for more information.

Featured in this Lovely Collection by Toshisworld ...

Christmas in July ... sure a refreshing thought ...

Featured in this Lovely Treasury ... thanks Toshisworld

Turquoise Ocean Blue Hand Dyed Silk Scarf

Ocean colors are so soothing to the eyes.  So many Blues from green blues ... turquoise ... true blues ... blue violets and even indigo blues.  You get mesmerized by the immensity of it and kind of puts things in perspective for you reminding us that we are part of the whole. Being one of my favorite colors I have used many blues so that you can wear it with just about any color.

Happy sailing. Off to he next port.

Lots of comotion at the plaza earlier today.. Great temperature and short stay make for good business,

Dreaming of the Rainforest ...

All the Greens you find in the rainforest are represented in this fabulous large hand dyed scarf. Seafoam and Aquamarine normally associated with the ocean can also be found in the rainforest with all the wonderful shades of Green ... some bright, some dark, some mossy ... some mysterious ... all welcoming, soothing and restful to your senses.  The color of  Nature ... Harmony ... Peace ... Prosperity ...

Cool Color Combo for all seasons ... in habotai silk ... Size: 14 x 72 inches   *   35.56 x 182.88 cm

-..see the second ship way in the back ...

-..second ship leaving in one hour ...

Picture Perfect

Just pulling out of  Old San Juan Harbor on a beautiful afternoon ... No rain so far...

Wonderful Treasury of TAFA Team ... Enjoy!

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Emerald Green and Navy Hand Dyed Silk Scarf

Green aside from symbolizing money has many more meanings ... harmony, healing, balance, peace and vitality are just a few more to add to this fabulous color that serves as the background for all of natures rainbow of colors.

It brings healing , peace, renewal and rejuvenates the soul.

Raspberry Blueberry Hand Dyed Silk Scarf

Tantalizing Raspberry Blueberry colors remind me of yummy vanilla ice cream with Raspberry syrup and Blueberries sprinkled on top. The soft pink with fuchsia create a soft background for the blue-violet starbursts. Wear with all your Pinks and Blues. Stunning with just white or just black.

Activity back at the Artisans Plaza ...

Two Cruise Liners in one day ... Becoming a rare event these days ...

Plum Blue Violet Hand Dyed Silk Scarf

Magical, mystical and royal are some of the associations with the Violet color ... Gorgeous Plum is part of this family of colors. Thought to be the ideal color , a combination of the colors ... Red and Blue ... it is loved by children and most preferred by Artist. It is delicate, feminine and romantic. It is a warm and cool color so can be worn with yellows and blues. I teamed it up with blue-violet for a warm feel.

Wear with neutral tans or beige is an earthy, conservative color combination with a touch of the mystery that purple provides.

Unique Petroglyph .. Sol (Sun) de Jayuya ..

Petroglyphs are rock carvings or carved in stone. This particular petroglyph, Sol (Sun) de Jayuya, is not found any other place in Puerto Rico and because of  this,  it is of  great archaeological value. 
The other petroglyph is the ... Coqui Taino ... also a very popular petroglyph (paying tribute to our most loved ... tiny frog ... that is not green but  flesh tone).... used as inspiration for tattoos.  

Our Petroglyphs were carved by the Taino Indians who inhabited Puerto Rico in pre-Columbian times (before 1493). Some believe that they are artistic symbols or writings or have a religious significance.
I hand painted the design on blue-green chiffon silk.  It has a border of leaves and vines.  

Conservative and Understated

I hand dyed this silk scarf in my favorite neutral tones of camel which is a soft beige, bronze, khaki and black. There are times when we do not want to wear color and so this is a fabulous choice.  The patten created makes the black take on a star shape and so giving it a little punch of color.